Silky Soft Skin and Hair -
Soften water rinses clean, leaving your hair and skin naturally soft, the way Mother Nature intended.

Tastier Foods and Beverages -
Quality water lets you enjoy the full-body flavor of your prepared foods and beverages.

Protects water using appliances -
Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t.
Impurities in your water can build-up at anytime. And that build-up can damage expensive appliances like your hot water heater, dish washer and worse, scale deposits can build-up and clog your plumbing.

Save you money -
Here's how, Impurities in raw water interferes with the performance of cleaning products. But quality water enhances their effectiveness so actually reducing the amount of soap, shampoo or detergents required for bathing and cleaning.

Simplicity -
Just add salt...and the softening system will take control providing a life time of soften water.


Our New All-In-One

Pro-Series Water Softening System

Responsible Leisure and Eco-Friendly.



          Incl. G-RO Drinking Water & 3 yrs. filters or           Twin  Whole House Water Conditioner or

Drinking Water Appliances

 "Life & Performance Water"

The Specialist
Stop!...hard water damage with Our state-of-the-art high efficient Pro-Series All-In-One Cabinet Water Softening / Conditioning System.

The CWS-1 will eliminates hard water minerals from your public water supply or well water and the benefits will amaze you. Quality water will make a refreshing     difference the whole family will notice all over your home.

​Among The Industry Best Since 1946

Just H2O

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     Design Features:

  • CWS1 Solid-state microprocessor control valve and mineral tank that's located inside Heavy Duty Cabinet.

  • Large 48,000 grains high capacity Softening resin for large families.

  • Metered initiated regeneration for high efficiency operations.

  • High flow rate 1" Valve with built-in flow meter. (Up To 34 gpm)

  • Blue backlit display which makes it easy to see and to program. Coin cell lithium battery back-up.

  • Double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, self-cleaning ability and efficiency.

  • U.V. protected non-corrosive brine tank system with by-pass valve Heavy Duty protective outer tank cabinet that's weather resistance.

  • Programmable Salt Service Alarm and Energy Saver Mode.