Aqua Fill Station, Installation & Taxes Included

The Smartest In The Kitchen  

The Kenmore Eco smart drinking water dispenser is the smartest appliance you will have in your kitchen. Smart features like...Customizing Quickfill Mode, Eco Mode, 3 Temperatures Mode, Filters Service Reminder, Kitchen Night lit, Smart Leak Sensing, Intuitive Child Safety Lock-Hot, System Status Indicators Lights and Advance Ultra+3 Hybrid Purification System. This small smart kitchen appliance produces the freshest, the cleanest, the healthiest... 

The Best Drinking Water You Will Ever Taste!



Installation & Eco - RO Included

You Will Surely Make Mother Happy... Mother Nature That Is

Kenmore Eco Smart Drinking Water Dispenser 

    Our Kenmore compact counter top filtration appliances has an innovative intuitive electronic interface. Our family of newest          top-of-the-line water dispensers features a stylish sophisticated appliance design which incorporates the latest technology available. Design features are Eco Smart Sense, hot, cold and ambient temperature indicator lights, safety lock and Ultra Violet light sterilization. Great style and practical functionality make  it ideal for any home or small office.

​"Life & Performance Water"

Endless Possibilities!

Discover how one small smart appliance can make so many things taste and you life better.

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Advance Ultra Violet Light Sterilization & Purification Technology!

UV rays emitted by a cold-cathode bulb target and sterilize exposed bacteria, which inhibits growth and improves the safety of your water

Our family of contemporary style kitchen appliances.

Responsible Leisure and Eco-Friendly.

Truly Unlimited...Pure & Simple
Cold  crisp refreshing and pure great tasting drinking water...All without the plastic bottle. Don't’ like the taste of your drinking water from the kitchen tap or refrigerator? Looking for a healthy, cleaner solution? 

Dump the plastic bottle and that expensive bottled delivery company and start saving a lot of money with our 
at home beautiful stylish counter top bottle-less drinking water kitchen appliances. 

​Environmentally-Aware Eco Mode Sense 

When you turn off the kitchen lights... the Kenmore eco smart drinking water dispenser powers down temperature management systems to save energy. 

The Smart One
Big on features and small in size. Our beautiful and stylish drinking water kitchen appliances are designed to fit on any counter top to dispense both cold and hot with just a touch. It delivers extra hot water for coffee, tea, oat meal, noodles and soups. Where space is at a premium this is a smart kitchen appliance that the whole family will truly enjoy everyday.

Just H2O