Looks For Life​
We are proud to introducing our Eco-Lux Collection of Tap / Reverse Osmosis drinking water kitchen faucets. Unique contemporary and Modern styling that will compliment any custom kitchen. Ergonomically perfected and a bold statement of Elegance in multiple finishes and multi-functional. Dual handles kitchen faucet combines all-in-one design made to save counter space and dispense the healthiest, cleanest and most refreshing pure tasting drinking water available today…all from your kitchen.

The tap spout has a separate internal tube for filtered water, this will avoid mixing with unfiltered drinking water. 

Saves space and less clutter around your kitchen sink - no need for a separate RO drinking water faucet or drilling holes in your expensive counter top. These beautiful faucets will truly compliment and enhance the unique style of any kitchen for many years to come. 

Coupled with our best High Efficient RO or G-Essential Alkalin RO Drinking water System, it’s the most Convenient and Economical method of producing unlimited crisp-refreshing, healthy great tasting drinking water in your home without the plastic bottles waste. Cooking, rising fruits/vegetables or making coffee, you will truly enjoy the full body flavor RO water brings out your prepared foods and beverages.

Conservation through Innovation & Style
Securing a sustainable future starts at home. By going green it will keep a lot of green in your pocket. Our beautiful gallery line of Faucets and a RO filtration system helps prevent plastic bottles landfill waste. This is just one of many steps every homeowner can do to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment, one step at a time.

"Life & Performance Water"

Just H2O

Eco -Lux Gallery of Kitchen Faucets

​​​The Future
Eco-friendly and luxurious in style, our new line of dual handle kitchen faucets combines Reverse Osmosis filtration and tap water   all-in-one beautiful design. ​The future of drinking water systems is here today with our exclusive collection Eco-Lux line of kitchen faucets, truly a work of art in your kitchen.

Incredible Low Price 

From $285 - $345

   Home Builder

Special - 25% off!

A unique double spout design dispense tap & RO filtered

drinking water from one beautiful faucet.

​​Responsible Leisure and Eco-Friendly.

  Eco-Lux Collection